ΑΝΑΔ Επιχορηγημένο Σεμινάριο: English Vocabulary Enrichment in Nursing

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 12:22 spoudes
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English Vocabulary Enrichment in Nursing


Date of Conduct:

27/10/2016 – 24/11/2016


ΙΕΚ Michali Vasileiou, Νicou & Despoinas Patichi 116, 3070 Lemesos

Subsidy from ΑΝΑΔ:


Cost before the subsidy:


Cost after the subsidy:


Project Leaders:

Michalis Vasileiou & Thessalia Kyprianou Sarka. Τel. 25345800,

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Training Need:

According to the Schemes of Service Staffing in Cyprus, the necessitate for this program is based on the need of the nursing staff to be able to distinguish and enrich English terminologies related to medicine, and lastly to be able to communicate with foreign patients, families and doctors. In a more detailed description, this program will support the trainee through his/her experiences to try various training manuals to learn new vocabulary and adopt the oral speech. The trainees will have the opportunity not only to enrich their nursing vocabulary but also they will perform listening and reading tasks related to different topics every time.



  • The program is aimed at adults who wish to learn and incorporate specific vocabulary and contexts into lessons that build professionals’ workplace English skills.
  • To help participants put language into practice through a step-by-step instruction that immerses them in four language components.
  • To address topics including hospital departments, basic equipment, specific illnesses, nursing duties and career options so as to enrich their knowledge.
  • To teach terminologies of basic procedures, such as testing of vital signs, physical assessment and administration of medicine.
  • To build the participants’ confidence in communicating with patients and doctors effectively, through role plays and discussions.

    To accommodate participants in dealing with incidents in casualties. 


Participants description: Nursing staffs who work in the healthcare industry only in the private sector and semi-government organization.


Durations: 30 Hours • Every Thursday 27/10/2016 – 24/11/2016. There will be extra breaks and a lunch break. (Participants will be offered a light meal).


Language:  English


Rapporteur: Anna Savva 




Training method: The training method that is going to be used is the face to face training.


Training techniques, Aids & Materials:

Modern training techniques and education aids will be used to attract the attention of the participants to better understand the program.


Training techniques: Discussion, Role playing, Brainstorming, Questions and answers, Work in Groups, Case Study.


Aids: Flip chart or whiteboard, Laptop, Listening exercises through a sound system, training manuals, interactive whiteboard software, Class Compact Discs (CDs) that include exercises and markers.


Materials: Flashcards with terminologies related to nursing and Realia.





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